FNP-BC | Medical Director

Kurtis Hinderman

Kurtis Hinderman received his Board Certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Kurtis is a native of Utah and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Kurtis has advanced training in Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine and Family Medicine. He has undergone extensive training in the administration of cosmetic and facial fillers. He carries certifications from the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics (AAFE) and received Certified Injector certification from Allergan.

Kurtis’ practice experience includes family Medicine and facial plastic surgery. He worked with plastic surgeons on a Facial Aesthetic Team that specialized in rhytidectomy, blepharoplasty, and lipoplasty. Extensive experience working with both primary care patients and patients needing delicate aesthetic procedures helped him understand how the interconnectedness of the whole person affects restorative healing. His interactions with patients suffering from diverse symptoms and conditions motivated him to build a practice that seeks to understand what is really going on with his patients.

Kurtis is uniquely prepared him for helping you with your medical needs. His meticulous medical approach and genuine concern for patient well-being have enabled him to help patients that other doctors were able to help.

Kurtis is an avid lover of the outdoors. He enjoys spending time with his family, mountain biking and boating.